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Digital Loss Support Toolkit


Welcome to the Remembering Cherubs' digital community. Though each loss is unique and we don't know your exact journey, we understand the pain you're going through. This page was created with input from other individuals and families who have also lost a pregnancy or infant. We hope you find comfort, guidance, and the support you deserve.

Our Care Partners

Grief support is an important part of the journey to wellness. Keep in mind that there is no one right way to grieve. Please take advantage of the grief support options from our Care Partners. These services are available at no cost. Explore them to find one (or more) that best suits to your needs. 

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Resource Center

Our Resource Center brings together resources ranging from books to blogs and all in between that support individuals and families through the healing process following pregnancy loss.

The Pregnancy Loss Guidebook

As part of our educational storytelling series,The Pregnancy Loss Guidebook, Remembering Cherubs Founder, Monica Anderson shares her personal story of healing after loss. 

RC Monica Story
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Even For A Day

Even For A Day is a spoken word poem of affirmation set to uplifting music. The piece was written and performed by Remembering Cherubs Founder, Monica Anderson with music by Grammy award winning music producer, Chris Sholar. The song details the healing journey and offers a message of hope and healing. (Listen through headphones for an even greater experience.)



They say a two stranded cord is stronger than a single strand. Don't go at your healing alone; we are here to support you. Whether through our online events or social media pages, we look forward to connecting with you.

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