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The Ongoing Support Bundle

SKU 0425201901


The Ongoing Support Bundle is a thoughtful and compassionate offering for those wanting to support parents navigating pregnancy and infant loss. This bundle includes: 


  • "The Pregnancy Loss Guidebook: Coping Well with Pregnancy and Infant Loss," a comprehensive guide to help individuals and families navigate the complex emotions and experiences associated with pregnancy and infant loss (6x9 paperback)


  • A Remembering Cherubs Condolence Card, beautifully illustrated and designed to convey sincere condolences (5x7)


  • Special access to Even For A Day, a compelling spoken word poem set to uplifting music. It features music by Grammy-award-winning producer Chris Sholar, and offers a message of hope and healing while serving as an affirmation of strength. The poem is written and performed by Remembering Cherubs founder and author of The Pregnancy Loss Guidebook, Monica Sholar Anderson. The song is accessible via a link included in The Pregnancy Loss Guidebook


  • Remembering Cherubs "Goal-setting Affirmations" song. The file is accessible via a link included in The Pregnancy Loss Guidebook


By purchasing the Pregnancy Loss Support Bundle, you are not only providing support to parents in need but also making a significant difference. 100% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to Remembering Cherubs, allowing us to continue our vital work.


Tip: The condolence card will arrive unsigned. If you're buying it for someone else, consider having it delivered to your address first, allowing you to sign it before passing it on to the recipient.

Sympathy card verbiage


Donation info

100% of proceeds from sales are donated to Remembering Cherubs.


All sales are final. 


Item will be shipped via USPS ground. The expected delivery time is typically 2–5 business days.

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