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About Us

Our Purpose

Remembering Cherubs is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide emotional support and guidance to mothers and their loved ones following pregnancy loss.


Our Reason

As many as half of all pregnancies may end in loss. Yet, following loss, few resources exist to guide mothers on the journey of emotional healing. Remembering Cherubs addresses this problem by bringing together multiple forms of support in one convenient space. This is accomplished in three main ways:

  • Partnership - We partner with grief support groups to provide a community of support to grieving families.

  • Guiding tools – The Remembering Cherubs Loss Support Toolkit is a resource packed with tools to guide mothers and their loved ones on the journey of emotional healing.

  • Self-Care Events – We host events centered on self-care as a means to heal emotional wounds.

Our Toolkit

The best way to heal any wound is to care for it. The Remembering Cherubs Loss Support Toolkit guides mothers to exercise self-care as a means to heal emotionally.

Our Vision

Our vision is that immediately following pregnancy loss, The Remembering Cherubs  Loss Support Toolkit is made available to mothers through hospitals, therapist' offices, retailers and online through the Remembering Cherubs website. Our goal is that empty arms from pregnancy loss get filled with tools to support the journey of emotional healing.

Our Beginning

Monica Anderson is the Founder and Executive Director of Remembering Cherubs. After pregnancy losses 22 years apart, Anderson found few resources to help navigate the emotional journey."From my greatest pain, I was inspired to create Remembering Cherubs. I felt compelled to do something that would ensure women have the support and guidance they need through what could be one of the most challenging times in their lives," says Anderson. "Creating this organization was my act of service and a labor of love."

Remembering Cherubs' startup work began shortly after Anderson's September 2018 loss.  Within months, Remembering Cherubs' Board of Directors had been formed and Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were adopted. We officially became recognized as a nonprofit corporation by the state of Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs in April 2019.  We are currently pending status as a public charity organized under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

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