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About Us

Who We Are

Remembering Cherubs is a nonprofit resource center for those who have experienced pregnancy loss in Detroit and southeast Michigan.

What We Do

As many as half of all pregnancies end in loss. Yet, there is a stunning lack of resources to guide parents through grief or a clear path toward healing. 

The few available resources are often scattered and hard to find. This unfortunate gap in support can leave many feeling lost and isolated and may lead to struggles with stress, anxiety, and even physical health issues.


We want to change that. 

Remembering Cherubs brings together a diverse range of educational, emotional, and financial support resources into one convenient space. We aim to remove barriers to accessing support through partnerships and collaborations with community organizations. 

Explore our programs and services:

Our Mission

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission statement: to provide support, guidance, and education to parents their supporters and providers following pregnancy loss.


Vision statement: to work closely with medical and health professionals to establish care plans, founded on our core values of Support, Guidance and Education, that individuals and families can follow independently or in concert with a health professional.

DEI Statement

We come from various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives and believe our best work happens when we identify and eliminate barriers to ensure our voices are heard and everyone feels they belong. We commit to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the programs and services we offer and of the individuals that run our organization.

Our Beginning

Monica Anderson experienced the death of her infant son and had a heartbreaking miscarriage 22 years later. She founded Remembering Cherubs to ensure others didn't endure the lack of support she did and has since dedicated her time to helping women and families cope with loss.


Monica is co-chair of the University of Michigan Health System's Perinatal Infant Reproductive Loss (PIRL) Committee and is also a Project Coordinator at The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers®.

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Origin Story

Detroit Public Television, in partnership with PBS, presents, Detroit Performs: Live From Marygrove, a series dedicated to highlighting Detroit's best artists, performers and organizations. Remembering Cherubs Founder, Monica Anderson was featured on season 11, episode 5,  where she shared a powerful story followed by a one-on-one sit-down with host Satori Shakoor to discuss Remembering Cherubs' origin, mission, and impact on the pregnancy loss community. Click the video below to view the episode.

Even For A Day

Even For A Day is a compelling spoken word poem set to uplifting music that speaks from the heart. It features music by Grammy-award-winning producer Chris Sholar and offers a message of hope and healing while serving as an affirmation of strength. The poem is written and performed by Remembering Cherubs founder and author of The Pregnancy Loss Guidebook, Monica Sholar Anderson. Listen through headphones for an enhanced listening experience.


Words of affirmation are powerful tools that can transform how we perceive and interact with the world around us. Research has shown that taking even a few moments to speak intentional affirmations daily can profoundly affect self-healing, happiness, and mental health. Put on some headphones and say these words aloud, allowing the vibrations of your own voice to tap into the healing powers of affirmations.

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