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The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Resource Collection

For many parents, the pain of experiencing pregnancy and infant loss can feel inescapable. After leaving the doctor's office, ongoing grief and heartache often remain and navigating the healing journey can seem unable to be done without support. That is why The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Resource Collection was created; it is a collection of resources tailored to provide understanding, direction, and permission for those who are grieving any type of loss in this realm. Providers who care for parents experiencing this kind of loss will benefit greatly from the empathetic guidance found within this collection as well. There is no one right way to navigate grief and The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Resource Collection provides comprehensive resources that encourage self-love and compassion throughout the process.

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The Pregnancy Loss Guidebook: A Guide To Coping Well After Pregnancy & Infant Loss

This book offers a comprehensive guide to life after pregnancy & infant loss, from both practical and emotional perspectives, making it an invaluable resource for anyone navigating such a difficult situation. It features detailed guidance on all aspects of pregnancy & infant loss, from the physical and administrative side of things, right through to the complex array of emotions that accompany grief and bereavement. It's written with compassion and understanding with input from parents themselves who have experienced pregnancy loss and covers topics such as explaining the loss to other children in the family; deciding what to do with baby gifts, toys and clothes; understanding how each parent grieves differently; and learning to cope well. Furthermore, this book is unique in its focus on healing in five major forms of health - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social. This powerful combination of practical information with expert guidance makes it an invaluable tool for those looking for support to cope with their own or a family member's experience of pregnancy loss.

Pregnancy Loss FAQs Tipsheet Library

Both pregnancy and infant loss are often unexpected, leaving many without the answers they need when navigating difficult times. The Remembering Cherubs tip sheet library is a valuable resource for those who have gone through such an experience — providing a range of publications which answer questions on topics such as healthy coping for couples, being supportive to a loved one, dealing with the business of grieving, and more. Drawing from experts in grief and loss counseling, this library will provide educational information on relevant topics. By offering these materials online as printable PDFs, the Remembering Cherubs website ensures access to helpful information at any time of day or night.

Remembering Cherubs Pregnancy Loss Sympathy Cards

When tragedy strikes, words and actions of strength, love, and compassion are invaluable to the healing process. Our collection of sympathy cards takes the guesswork out of finding a thoughtful way to acknowledge significant pregnancy loss occasions. With messages that offer condolences, comfort, and understanding specifically catered for grieving mothers and fathers, these cards provide an opportunity for you to show your support during difficult times. Thoughtfully crafted with care and without offence, our selection helps ensure that when loved ones need it most, they know that they can rely on you for solace.

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