The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Resource Collection

Once parents leave the doctor's office after pregnancy and infant loss the next phase of the healing journey should begin. However there often aren’t resources available to guide or give permission for that process. That’s where The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Resource Collection enters the conversation. This collection is an arrangement of original resources created to meet the needs of parents of loss, their supporters, and providers who care for them. Learn more about each component of this forthcoming collection, below.

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The Pregnancy Loss Guidebook: A Guide To Coping Well After Pregnancy & Infant Loss

This is a book of practical information on life after pregnancy loss. It will offer guidance to individuals and their partners on navigating common pregnancy loss situations such as, explaining the loss to other children, knowing what to do with the nursery and baby gifts, understanding the differences in the way each parent grieves, and more. This guidebook is written with input from focus groups comprised of top-tier subject matter experts: parents of loss. It also targets healing in five major forms of health and offers expert guidance. 

Pregnancy Loss FAQs Tipsheet Library

The tip sheet library is a collection of educational publications that answer commonly asked questions on pregnancy & infant loss issues, such as handling the business of loss, ways couples can support one another, how to be supportive to a friend or loved one, and more.

The library will be housed on the Remembering Cherubs website and made available as PDF files that can be downloaded and printed.

Remembering Cherubs Pregnancy Loss Sympathy Cards

This collection of sympathy cards is designed to acknowledge significant pregnancy loss occasions. Thoughtfully crafted with messages that do not harm or offend but rather console and acknowledge grieving hearts, these cards will feature expressions of care for occasions like condolence on loss, thinking of you, and holidays like Mother’s & Father’s Day.

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